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Honor Guard
Note: Honor Guard is one of the many specialized areas that patrol deputies can participate in.
The Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office is a full service Sheriff's Office. This means that along with regular patrols through the county we have jail, courtroom, civil process, criminal investigations, and crime prevention divisions. The Sheriff's Office has approximately 80 sworn deputies that perform the many jobs required to service Shenandoah County and it's citizens. One of the most visible divisions is the patrol division. On any given day you might see a brown car with graphics and lights traveling the roads and highways. This is the Sheriff's Office. When a Deputy is first hired, they go through an extensive process to determine their abilities and experience for the job. Then it's off to the academy for training that includes driving, firearms, criminal law, self defense, and officer survival. A Deputy will then have to complete a state test to ensure they have the working knowledge for the job.

After returning to the Sheriff's Office, Deputies then go through a several week Field Training Program that pairs the new Deputy with a Field Training Officer (FTO) that will acclimate the new Deputies to his job. During the program, the new Deputy must demonstrate a series of on the job skills.

After the FTO Program is completed they are issued all the necessary equipment, assigned to a shift and work begins.


The Sheriff's Office currently provides a Property Check Program. This means that upon your request, you can have a deputy check your home or business while away or when the business is closed. This however, is not an alternative to locking all your doors and windows and practicing good security procedures to reduce the risk of criminal activities.

Another service is the Extra Patrol Program. If you have a traffic complaint or another complaint that you believe needs more attention by the Sheriff's Office,  you can request a deputy to check the area at the stated dates and times to reduce crime.

Here are a list of jobs a Patrol Deputy does:
Serve warrants
Serve civil papers
Property Checks
Extra Patrol requests (problem areas reported by citizens)
Take reports of missing people
Investigate misdemeanor crimes
Investigate felony crimes
Provide medical assist AED (Automated Emergency Defibrillator )
Search and Rescue
SWAT (special weapons and tactics)
K-9 (drug detection)

Jamie Honor Guard
Note: During a honor guard presentation
Traffic Point
Note: During a traffic checking detail













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