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The Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Program was originated in the early 1980's as a way for volunteers to assist full-time deputies in the area of traffic control at annual fireman's parades. The program has since evolved into a structured training program consisting of close to 100 hours of classroom and practical exercise training. The classroom training consist of blocks of instruction in the area of laws of arrest, constitutional requirements, traffic control, firearms, defensive tactics, officer safety, and arrest procedures. Practical exercise training consists of officer safety, traffic control, traffic stops, crisis intervention, and building searches. Personnel are sworn in as auxiliary deputies upon completion of training. Deputies are then required to complete a field training program with a state certified training officer. Auxiliary deputies can then ride with full-time deputies when the schedule permits. Auxiliary deputies are required to assist with parades throughout the year, assist with special functions, attend regular in-service training, and if available, assist with large crime scene security. There have been many full-time deputies that have been hired from the auxiliary program since it's inception. Some of these deputies have become supervisors in the patrol division. Auxiliary deputies are required to furnish some personal equipment if selected for the program. The Shenandoah County Sheriff's Office will announce the next Auxiliary Training Session.
The Sheriff's Office is always in the process of taking applications for the next auxiliary trainings. The dates will be announced for upcoming classes but suggest you contact Sgt Brogan if you are interested in the program.

Contact: Sgt Erin Brogan 
(540) 459-6100
Checking detail
Auxiliary Deputies help during
traffic details.
Auxiliary Deputies receive firearms training and must complete a certified course